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Radio Stations

How much time have you wasted on vacations, desperately scrolling through the radio dial of your rental car, which seems to be mysteriously pre-tuned to an Icelandic vegetarian cookery show and '80s techno, and trying to find something you actually want to listen to? No more! Here's a handy list of the principal Vegas radio stations, with our personal observations, where we have any to make. Print it out and keep it handy for your next trip.

Frequency Call Sign Notes
88.1 KCEP "Power 88" FM A publicly-funded community radio station established in 1974, POWER 88 plays contemporary hits in R&B, hip hop, and rap, and broadcasts NPR news 24/7.
88.9 KNPR Nevada Public Radio broadcasts a range of local-interest shows, plus cultural, political, and economic features, and national and international news coverage, including from the BBC World Service.
89.3 KHRI Christian rock radio
89.7 KCNV Nevada Public Radio classical music station
90.5 KSOS Christian Radio
91.5 KUNV Monday to Friday features classic jazz, while weekends feature an eclectic assortment of Hawaiian, Latin, reggae, blues, folk, world, and specialty music programs. Commercial-free.
92.3 KOMP A rock station delivering all you'd expect from a rock station: rock music, in all its incarnations -- old, new, classic, and alternative -- presented by DJs who range from the hilariously irreverent to the cringingly crass.
92.7 KRRN Spanish language pop (Shakira, Juanes etc.)
93.1 KQOL "The Party" Another pop and dance music station
94.1 KMXB "MIX" FM Top 40 hits (from Chili Peppers to Gnarls Barkley via KT Tunstall and Nickelback)
94.5 KVBE VIBE -- Dance music all night long (and all day).
95.5 KWNR "New Country" New and old-time classic country music hits
96.3 KKLZ Yet another classic hits station (formerly classic rock).
97.1 KXPT "The Point" Classic and soft rock. Usually has a decent playlist.
97.5 KVEG R&B/hip hop
98.5 KLUC R&B/hip hop
99.3 KRGT Spanish language radio
100.5 KXNT Formerly the robot station Jack FM, this is now NewsRadio and sports. Also available at 840 AM.
101.9 KWID "La Buena" Spanish language adult hits (Jose Feliciano, La Maquina)
102.7 KCYE "The Coyote" Today's country music
103.5 KISF Mexican regional radio
104.3 KFRH R&B/hip hop
105.1 KQRT Spanish-language radio.
105.7 KOAS Smooth jazz/easy listening/soul/funk/R&B, i.e., ranges from the seriously funky to elevator music. It's a lucky dip.
106.5 KSNE "Sunny FM" Soft (to the point of mushy) rock and tear-jerker phone-ins.
107.5 KXTE "Xtreme Rock Radio" Contemporary alternative rock/heavy metal (think Tool, Audioslave, Godsmack, Muse)
107.9 KVGS "The Alternative" Alternative rock/indie/reggae/punk/new wave, and showcases local bands.
920 AM KBAD - ESPN Radio Fox Sports Radio affiliate and local sports station.
1460 AM "KENO Las Vegas" Fox Sports Las Vegas: They have a couple of shows such as the "Out of Bounds" followed by the "Wiseguys."
720 AM KDWN Locally-owned news, talk, and info. station
840 AM KXNT A CBS-owned national talk radio station (news, talk, politics).
970 AM KNUU "K-NEWS" Local, regional, national, and international news, plus weather, traffic, sports and various features throughout the day focusing mainly on finance and the markets.
1140 AM KYDZ Kydz Radio - kid-centric pop music - yep, lots of Justin Bieber.
98.9 KWWN ESPN radio
96.9, 94.9 & 100.1 Highway Radio "The Drive" - rock
107.3 & 101.5 Highway Radio - Country
98.1 & 99.7 K251BS Highway Radio - The Highway (music, talk, and traffic)
96.7 Pulse Listener controlled pop music station
91.1 KVKL Contemporary Christian
1400 AM KSHP Sports/Shopping
1140 AM KXST Sports
1060 AM KKVV Religious
1230 AM KLAV News/Information
670 AM KMZQ Sports
93.1 KPLV Top 40
1340 AM KRLV Spanish News/Talk
1280 AM KQLL News/Talk
90.1 KAWZ Religious
90.9 KODV Spanish Language Radio
91.9 KEFX Christian Rock
93.7 WBLK Old School Hip-Hop
97.9 NKLB Christian Contemporary
102.3 KOOL Classic Rock
970 AM KNIH General Information