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Las Vegas Cool Pools

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Moorea by day
Moorea by day
Sun worshippers paradise
Sun worshippers paradise
No tan lines
No tan lines
Moorea Beach European style
Moorea Beach European style
Moorea Ultra Beach Lounge
Moorea Ultra Beach Lounge
Kendra loungin at Moorea
Kendra loungin at Moorea
Name: Moorea Beach Club
Hotel: Mandalay Bay
Hours: Fri-Sun, 11 a.m.-8 p.m.
Cover Charge: Ladies free/Men Mon-Thurs, $20; Fri & Sun, $30; Sat, $50
Dress Code: Stylish
Phone: 702/632-7777

DJ Open to the Public Spa Services Topless

Moorea Beach Club is an adult-only pool featuring a range of amenities including poolside spa treatments, full cocktail services, and a DJ. The private and upscale venue features chaise lounge chairs, opium beds, day beds, and pavilions. This pool is open to all 21+ but priority is given to hotel guests.


Overall Rating:
  • Currently 4.5/5

4.5/5 Rating

Comments (7 comments):
The Best Topless Pool in Las Vegas - Arizona Couple (05/30/2015)
My wife and I spent 2 days at Moorea (Memorial Day and the day after) and had a blast. Met some very friendly fellow guests and had a great time. I learned a tip on the first day - arrive early (11AM on the busy days) and you can snag beach loungers for free. After paying the entry price (on Memorial Day it was $40 for men; on Tuesday, it was $30; women are not charged an entry fee), the loungers on the upper level (furthest from the larger pool) are free and are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Other loungers on Memorial Day were $100 per. On Tuesday, they dropped the cost of loungers to $20. The atmosphere on Memorial Day were definitely a party vibe. Lots of ladies without tops - and it is always more fun when that happens. It becomes a much more social atmosphere. On Tuesday, it was a lower key vibe; but we noticed that there a lot of folks who returned for a 2nd day at the pool. When we all realized that we all had met the day before, the party got cranked up again. Off went the tops and the fun resumed. I have not noticed that sense of fun and strangers enjoying their time at the pool at other topless pools in Las Vegas - and we have been to most of them and most of the guests stay to themselves. Moorea gets my nod as the best topless pool in Vegas. It's all about the guests - and summer holiday weekends bring the best out. We also were at Moorea last Labor Day - and that was also a great time!

Best top optional pool - Toptional (05/24/2011)
Moorea Beach is the best "top optional" pool in Vegas..and we've done them all! The music is great, the staff is very accomodating and the drinks are awesome! Every time we go to Moorea we meet fun it! Go early on the weekends or you won't get a lounge chair.

Another topless pool bites the dust - pooladdict (07/07/2010)
Sad but true: As of June 21st, Moorea Beach Club is under new management - reportedly the same team that manages MGM's Wet Republic - and European-style sunbathing is no longer allowed.

Good time had by all - Aqua21 (07/04/2010)
Up front, know that this pool is no longer European style, (topless). My husband and I had a great time here! You don't need to bother with a lounge chair because there is plenty of room to relax on the sides of the pool. This pool is also attached to a pool casino which is really well designed and a lot of fun!

Club Moorea - Arizona Couple (09/12/2009)
We give the Moorea pool at Mandalay Bay a solid thumbs up - our favorite European pool on the Strip (and we have been to Encore, Wynn, Bare Pool at Mirage and the Flamingo GO pools). We were at Moorea on the Wednesday after Labor Day and the crowd was late srriving - didn't really start to fill up until around 2PM. But once folks started arriving, we found the crowd to be very friendly - we had a blast. Service was a little spotty (only one cocktail waitress was working the entire area - including the high roller area that is elevated at least a full floor above the regular Moorea pool area). But the bartenders were excellent. About 25% of the ladies were topless - and most were quite attractive. Music was good - not too techno (which is not our preferred type of music). Overall, this is a great pool - and was the highlight of our vacation.

Club Moorea ! - Heat 1 (09/02/2009)
Club Moorea takes great care of its patrons and provides the absolute best service. You need something? They hustle to get it! You can have a great lunch, enjoy the sun, and meet some cool people too. Great party atmosphere and no worries with security. MY choice for the best pool in Las Vegas.

$30 Couples - Justino (03/11/2009)
Went last week, one of the few that's actually open this early in the year. Don't worry its pretty warm when it seems coldish outside. They are running a special, $30 for couples so bring your ladies! No season passes have been printed yet for 2009, you can get them from a casino host if you gamble later on.