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Las Vegas Cool Pools

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European pool
European pool
Euro Pool by day
Euro Pool by day
Name: XS Pool
Hotel: Encore
Hours: Mon-Sun, 8 a.m.-7 p.m.
Cover Charge: Hotel Guests Only*
Phone: 702/770-7171

DJ Poolside Gaming Spa Services Topless Pool Parties

This pool permits topless sunbathing and offers poolside gaming (blackjack only). *It's open to hotel guests only with two exceptions: Subject to availability, non-guests may rent cabanas, plus the poolside gaming is open to all, but we're informed that you'll receive a security escort to and from the tables, so don't get any ideas about trying to sneak into the pool that way.

At night, the pool is closed to sunbathers but becomes an extension of Encore's XS nightclub -- see photo gallery.


Overall Rating:
  • Currently 4.5/5

4.5/5 Rating

Comments (5 comments):
awsome pool - show101 (06/05/2014)
My wife and i went there in early june. the tempretures were hot, but since we were there in the middle of the week, it was not that crowed. only about 1% of the women were topless out of about 30-40 people that were there. It was my wife's first experience and she seemed to enjoy it. the music was good, the service was good. it was a very relaxing atmosphere (talking about the pool during the day not the night club.) there was one negative. despite the signs saying no photography, that didnt stop people from breaking out the cameras. one guy in particular was snaping every woman that walked by, and the worst part is, the security staff didnt stop them. i asked about it, and they told me they can only ask them to stop, they cant enforce it. so just be aware of that.

Excellent stay - brakedust (07/31/2013)
European pool was great. Women of all ages and sizes were topless. Wasnt anyone flaunting or making scenes. Just women with their spouses or boyfriends hanging out and relaxing at the pool. Poolside service was great. Everyone was made to feel comfortable. I imagine there were some people there that didnt feel comfortable sitting around so many topless women, but it is a European pool, remember!

relaxing fun - chessman (08/15/2011)
[Aug 15 2011] My wife and I went to the european Encore pool last week. It had a laid back atmosphere. On Tuesday and Wednesday morning there were 2 or 3 topless women. We rented a cabana on Thursday. The service was great. During the course of the day there were about 20 topless women of all ages. Most people were just drinking and talking in the pool. Many people were working on their tans. The jacuzzi felt great after swimmming.

Nice Place - Arizona Couple (09/12/2009)
My wife and I were at the Encore European pool over the Labor Day weekend and it was really hopping - not many unoccupied chaise lounges. About 25% of the ladies were topless. Pool-side service was excellent. We will be back!

Encore on Friday Afternoon - Poolhead (06/16/2009)
A good-looking crowd, but it's pretty laid back. Not really a party place that I could tell. When I was there on a Friday afternoon, only one woman in the busy European section was topless.