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Frugal Fridays

by Jean Scott
author of The Frugal Gambler - 2nd edition, More Frugal Gambling, Frugal Video Poker, Frugal VP Software

DECEMBER 27, 2007

I knew I would quit writing this column at some point and I’m frankly surprised it didn’t happen long ago. When I started, I never dreamed it would continue, every week, for almost eight years! But I’ve always enjoyed writing "Frugal Fridays" and every time I threatened to quit, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. One evening a couple of weeks ago, however, I really felt the need to slow down and I sent a resignation e-mail to Anthony right away before I could change my mind. I told him that although I loved writing the column, the constant pressure of a weekly deadline was getting to me.

He wrote right back and said he understood completely, but that he and his staff had been talking just that day about asking me to contribute to a new feature they were cooking up for the Web site, a blog section. And he suggested that perhaps switching from my weekly column to a blog format might free me from the deadlines from which I wanted to escape, but would let me continue to chat away in the informal style I liked. That idea appealed to me immediately, as the teacher in me would still have a place to impart information about the constantly changing Vegas scene and the innumerable facets of smart gambling.

I’ll add a few personal notes here before I take my leave, although I guess I might talk about my family in the blog once in a while. Many of you have asked about Steve, my Army Ranger son-in-law. In November he was halfway through his 15-month tour of duty in Iraq and was due his R+R back in the States. And you can imagine that those 18 days with his family were pure heaven for all of them! They spent Thanksgiving weekend with Steve’s mother and their extended family in Ashland, Kentucky, celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas at the same time. The rest of the time Steve just wanted to live “ordinary life” in their home in Columbus, Georgia, giving Angela a rest from taxi duty for the kids’ busy schedules, watching Kaitlynn play in soccer tournaments and Zachary perform in karate demonstrations, and puttering around the house doing those man jobs that had piled up.

He’s back in Iraq now and has the same address as before, since he’s back leading his men on missions from the same base of operations.

1SG Steven R. Howard
A Co. 2-69 AR
APO, AE 09312

He appreciates all the boxes people have sent, because he can share them with his men, but he’s also grateful to you who have sent letters of encouragement and support. And he and Angela are both so thankful for all of you who are praying for him.

Angela and my two grandchildren are here with Brad and me this holiday season. They couldn’t bear the thought of celebrating Christmas in their own house without Steve being there. Our job is to keep them busy so they don’t miss him quite so much! It’s been a fun job for us.

So, in closing, although this is a fond farewell to "Frugal Fridays," it’s not a goodbye to talking to you, my faithful frugal fans. Sometime after the first of the year, look for my Frugal Vegas blog to begin -- along with three others: Stiffs & Georges, David McKee on the gambling industry; Gambling in Space, David Matthews on Internet gambling and technology; and Las Vegas Real Estate, Robin Camacho writing about the RE market.

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