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To Uber, or not to Uber? That is... [Continued]

Players Club Bonus Points

Maintained by H. Scot Krause,
assisted by Jean Scott, author of The Frugal Gambler
Last Updated: 12-17-14

CB = cashback   CO = coin-out system
Location Base Slot Club Rate Offer
Aliante Casino + Hotel     Dec: 12-14x mystery 12/13; 10x slots/5x vp 12/17 & 24. 12x slots/6x vp 12/25-31. Swipe at kiosk. Limit: 250,000 points. 
Bighorn     Dec: 2x points 2 am-2 pm daily.  
Cannery     Dec: Wise 55 3x Mondays all games for age 55+. 2x Tues, 3x Weds, 4x Thurs. 12/31: 15x 10 pm to midnite. Swipe to activate. Limit: 5000 points. 
Casino Royale     Random multiplier. Visit club booth for details. 
Club Fortune Casino     Dec: Mon: 5x slots/2x vp; Tues: 8x slots; Weds: 3x all; Thurs: 6x slots/2x vp; Fri: 5x slots; Sat: 8x slots/2x vp; Sun: 6x slots. 
Downtown Grand     Age 50+: 5x slots only on Thursdays. Visit website for special Nov point promo. 
Eastside Cannery     10x Mondays in December up to 10,000. Swipe. 
Eldorado     Dec: 3x Mondays. 
Ellis Island     Thru Dec: 10x Mon, Fri, Sat. 3x Tues, Weds, Thurs & Sun. Some machines excluded. 
Fiesta Henderson     10x slots December 5 & 12. Swipe. 
Fiesta Rancho     10x slots December 5 & 12. Swipe. 
Gold Coast     Dec: 15x pennies Sundays and 12/25. 12/31: 15x pennies 10am to 6 pm only. 50+ Mondays 10x slots/5x vp. Weds: 50+ up to 50x. Swipe. 
Hard Rock     Dec: 20x slots/7x vp Tuesdays. 45+ 15x slots/7x vp Sundays and Mondays. 25x slots/7x vp 12/24-27. Swipe at kiosk to activate. 
Hooters     10x slect slots Tuesdays & Wednesdays in December. 
Jerry's Nugget     Thru December: 3-5x mulitiplier when you swipe Fridays and Saturdays. Points post to account following day. 
Longhorn Hotel and Casino     Dec: 2x points 2 am-2 pm daily.  
Lucky Club Casino     Mondays – 3X points on select machines. 
Opera House     Mondays – 3X points on select machines. 
Orleans     15x penny games Dec. 5, 12, 19, 25 & 26 + 12/31 10 am to 6 pm only. Age 50+ Weds Mystery Multiplier up to 50x. 7 am to 7 pm. 
Plaza     10x Tuesdays; 2x Thursdays. 
Poker Palace     2x all day Tuesdays and Wednesdays. (Ongoing until further notice.) 
Railroad Pass     3x Mondays, 2 x Fridays. 
Rampart Casino     Dec: 4x slots/2x Mondays.  
Sam's Town     5x 12/25, 6x 26, 7x 27, 8x 28, 9x 29, 10x 30. 10,000 limit base points per day on vp. Age 50+ Weds Mystery Multiplier up to 50x. 7 am to 7 pm. Swipe. 
Silver Nugget     Mondays – 3X points on select machines. 
Silver Sevens Hotel & Casino     Thru Dec: 12x Mondays select slots; 7x slots/3x vp Thurs; 10x slots/4x vp Saturdays. Some machines excluded.  
Silverton     10x slots only Friday OR Saturday. (One day only each weekend.) Must swipe at kiosk. Up to 72 hours to post to account. 
South Point    .30 Comps or CB 10x penny games/5x reel slots/2x vp Dec. 25. Earn 1 point and get 2500 free points during your birthday month. 
Station Casinos - All locations     10x slots December 5 & 12. Swipe. 
Suncoast     Dec: 10x slots/6x vp 12/9; 12/25-31: 15x pennies/11x slots/7x vp. Weds Mystery Multiplier up to 50x. Swipe. No point limitations. 
Tuscany     Dec: 10x slots/7x vp Mondays and Fridays and 12/31. 5x Wednesdays. Some machines excluded. 

If you find errors or omissions in this list, please let us know