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What promised/rumored Las Vegas attraction that never happened... [Continued]

Question of the Day October 24, 2014

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I’m addicted to Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin’s radio show, Gambling With an Edge. Are there any others like it that I can listen to?


Anthony Curtis recently wrote about this subject in his Seven magazine column, "The Deal." After giving thumbnail descriptions of the other gambling-related radio shows that air in Las Vegas, Anthony wrote:

The gold standard is Gambling With an Edge This show is hosted by two true pros: Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin. Dancer is the world’s foremost video poker expert and Munchkin has been involved in gambling on the highest levels for decades. The guests are first rate. If you really want to learn something, this is the place to do it.

So the short answer to your question is no, there aren’t any other shows like GWAE. But there are other radio shows that deal with, or are based on, gambling. Before listing them, it’s important to differentiate between "sports-talk" radio and "gambling" radio. Sports-talk rules the airwaves, and where there’s sports, there’s gambling discussion. But sporadic references don’t qualify to be on a "gambling-show" list. Also not qualifying are the ridiculous infomercial-style tout shows that run early mornings on Saturdays and Sundays during football season. The guys on these shows are charlatans, nothing but super salesmen who say whatever it takes to get your attention (and money). Steer clear. Also not included are the myriad online podcasts that cover gambling in some form. Adding in all of those would run the list into several dozens.

Including GWAE, there are nine gambling shows airing on Las Vegas radio, six of which are sports betting only. All (except where otherwise specified) run Monday-Friday.

Two, both on 1100 AM, fall right on the cusp of qualifying as gambling radio. Gridlock (11 a.m.) and Cofield & Company (3 p.m.) are basically sports-talk format, but gambling is a part of every show, often with credible experts -- e.g., South Point oddsmaker Jimmy Vaccaro, who’s always a great listen -- coming on as guests. The hosts of both shows are engaging and fun to listen to, but the gambling is pretty much those guys’ opinions on sports they follow and personally bet.

Pure sports-wagering shows include First Preview (10 a.m.) and The Las Vegas Sports Line (2 p.m.) on 1100AM, Sportsbook Radio (11 a.m.) on 920AM, and the EOG Sports Hour (10 p.m.) on 1230AM. These shows quote the lines, reference line movement and how it’s affected by injuries and other information, and generally bring an informed sports-betting perspective to the conversation. We’re kind of partial to Matt Youmans’ Vegas Sports Line, but all of these are solid. Filling the void for race bettors is Vegas Track Talk hosted by John Kelly, which airs Saturdays and Sundays at 7:30 a.m. on 1230AM.

Closest to GWAE for good all-around gambling information is The Mark Hoke Show. It airs on 1230AM at 3 p.m. on Wednesdays only. The Hoke show is mostly poker, with Mark Hoke and Nate Downland both being well-versed in the game. But this show has a secret weapon in its third host, Joe Pane. Joe has been successful in gambling endeavors of all kinds for years, and has worked closely with LVA on many occasions. You can trust him.

Gambling With an Edge rounds it out with its 7 p.m. Thursdays-only slot on 1230 AM. You can check out the archives of this show on
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