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In light of the IRS' proposal to drop... [Continued]

Question of the Day March 29, 2015

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Reader Feedback on the "Closing of the Riviera" poll.


Thanks to all who wrote in to share their thoughts and memories of the Riviera, supplementing the poll results (which you can view in the as its May 4 closing date looms. Here's some of that feedback:

  • "I'm sorry to see the Riv go. I dig those older joints, and there a so few of them left on the Strip. But expanding the Convention Center to the Strip could really provide a boost to the North Strip. Maybe Fontainebleau will finally be finished or redeveloped. It should also help SLS and maybe the Monorail (if they're still around...)"
  • "How STUPID and what a waste. Just what Las Vegas does NOT need, more convention space and more stores and shopping. Vegas is already saturated with both, no need for more."
  • "I wasn't as much interested about the Riviera as I was at the news that...the Peppermill is staying!" (Ed: Amen to that!)
  • "What will I miss most about the Riv? They were an active participant in LVA and ACG promotions, and I rewarded them for doing so by visiting the Riv every year for our annual Vegas trip. We loved hitting the Riv/Circus Circus combo and soaking up the old school vibe while doing matchplays at Riv and promotional chips at Circus Circus. Our trip in September just won't be the same without the Riv."
  • "As someone who bet sporting events I loved the place. The Sportsbook at Stardust and Riviera were separated by maybe 300 yards (and Las Vegas Blvd) - if that. It was quite common to see people running across the street from one book to the other in hopes of getting a better line than the other. Twat all came to en end when a fence was placed in the island in the middle of the road forcing people to go to the light and cross which could take several minutes as opposed to several seconds without it. I will be in town March 26-27 and have already made plans to see this one more time. Sad to think about how much action there was in that area with the Riviera/Stardust/Frontier and now all 3 are gone."
  • "I will really miss seeing the outside neon at night, but I quit going there years ago because it seemed tired." [Ed: That probably echoes many people's feelings.]
  • "There were never any good gaming options for me at Riviera. I have not walked through their doors in over 40 years."
  • " never played much at the Riv though we did like the cheap tickets to the comedy club, and I never stayed there, so the only thing I'll miss will be the mirror covered exterior. Crazy Girls was the most boring show I've ever seen in Las Vegas, so hopefully it will die with the casino." [Ed: That's looking unlikely, although a new home for the show has yet to be announced.]
  • "Since I'm also old I hate to give up the past."
  • "The Riv needed to be replaced by a new modern casino facility. But putting the convention space right on the Strip is not so good. That would be better a block off the Strip and keep the prime casino-frontage space for the casinos."
  • "For over 30 years, I always stayed at the Rivera Hotel. They remembered me and I was not a gambler, I came for the shows. Wonderful people at the hotel."
  • "I stayed at the Riviera on my first visit to Las Vegas in 1977 and it was fabulous! I'm sorry to see the Riv go but it's time (in Las Vegas years), and very grateful it's not for yet another shopping-and -restaurant explosion. The convention space can surely add to Las Vegas' appeal as a world-class convention city on a par with Singapore, Orlando, Chicago, Barcelona, etc."

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    Tomorrow's question
    Bally Game Makers have been seen less and less all over. I asked Bally’s and the casinos years ago and my answer was [there were fewer machines] because they could not switch to TITO. They are in Reno, Niagara Falls (U.S. AND Canada). The Orleans in Las Vegas also has a few. I miss playing Let It Ride and Pick ’Em and will only go to places that have them. HELP I NEED MY GAMEMAKER!!! (Gold Mine is such a missed game also). Please help me find these machines if they still are in casinos!!!!!!!
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