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Bacchanal Buffet

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Location: Caesars Palace
Address: 3570 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
City: Las Vegas
Area: Strip
Phone: 702/731-7110
Official Web Site

Buffet Special: 24 hr. buffet pass, Sun-Thurs, $59.99 and Friday/Saturday, $74.99. Valid at Carnival World Buffet at the Rio, Seafood Buffet at the Rio (Additional $25), Flavors at Harrah's, Paradise at the Flamingo, Le Village Buffet at Paris, Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace (Additional $15 for breakfast, $25 for brunch and lunch, and $30 for dinner), and the Spice Market Buffet at Planet Hollywood.

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Mon-Fri 7:30 am to 11 am $30.99
Mon-Fri 11 am to 3 pm $38.99
Sat & Sun - Champagne Brunch 8 am to 3 pm $49.99
Saint Hilare Champagne Served.
Fri-Sun - Weekend Dinner 3 pm to 10 pm $57.99
Sun-Thurs 3 pm to 10 pm $54.99

Overall Rating:
  • Currently 3.5/5

3.5/5 Rating

Comments (4 comments):
Best in town - Chuck60 (06/07/2015) - 5 out of 5 stars
In sheer terms of cuisine options and quality, this is the best buffet in Las Vegas. It offers more 'pop' from every direction in that regard. Problem is...we have to pay more for the best. Cheers...

too much $ 4 a buffet - lv frecuent visitor (05/16/2015) - 2 out of 5 stars
the buffet is good in quality and variety,but not for that kind of money,get that price down!

Baccanal Buffet - c1ueee (01/09/2015) - 5 out of 5 stars
If you're not a Diamond or above, disregard. That's because the Baccanal Buffet always has a long line at peak times - and I'm sure this would detract from the experience. However, for those for whom the wait isn't an issue for whatever reason, the Baccanal Buffet is by far the best in Las Vegas. Price is high, but they have a large number of offerings which are both tasty and unique: 1) Chinese section is the best anyway by far. I've had amazing stuff including black pepper crab. 2) Lunch and later has things like the Wagyu Pork sliders. These are just incredibly tasty. Combined with curley fries - Yum! 3) They have several varieties of crab legs. Many places only offer 1 or 2. This is bad for inexperienced buffet eaters as they all taste different and some are actively dangerous (I saw one moron try to crack a stone crab claw with his teeth). 4) The meat station - there's always the same guy there (for breakfast/lunch) - he's super friendly and has an amazing assortment of smoked ribs, brisket, and so forth. He'll even fry up the steaks if you ask. So, the other reviews are negative, but from what I read are clearly due to inexperienced, clueless, or simply poor judgment people (you don't go to a buffet right before they close. Duh!)

Bad service - Hap nguyen (12/31/2014) - 1 out of 5 stars
It took me almost 6 hours waiting. We were seating on the table at 10 pm. We ate a couple plate of food and they cleaned up all counter. No more food for us. That is suck. It looks like the restaurant steal our money.

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