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Recently, the talk all over town has revolved... [Continued]

Studio B

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Location: M Resort
Address: 12300 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
City: Las Vegas
Area: Off Strip
Phone: 702/797-1000
Official Web Site

All meals come with unlimited beer and wine.

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Mon-Thurs 11 am to 2:30 pm $16.99
Fri - Prime Rib Brunch 11 am to 2 pm $24.99
Sat & Sun - All-day Seafood Buffet 11 am to 8 pm $39.99
Fri - Seafood Buffet 2:30 pm to 8 pm $39.99
Mon-Thurs 2:30 pm to 8 pm $24.99

Overall Rating:
  • Currently 4/5

4/5 Rating

Comments (8 comments):
Studio B Buffet - TontoL (11/17/2015) - 5 out of 5 stars
My wife and I have been coming to the M resort since it's opening. We have used the Buffet since it's opening! We believe that it's one of the best in Las Vegas. There are times, however, when the food quality does go down. Overall it's still the best outside of the Strip. We've lived here since 2006 and take all of our friends to the M. I wouldn't go anywhere else! We are looking forward to having Turkey dinner here during Thanksgiving as we have since it's opening.

M Resort Buffet - patsyflo (11/12/2015) - 2.5 out of 5 stars
We have been to the M Resort buffet many times, but the last time was a real disappointment. We had out-of-town guests who wanted to take us out to a nice buffet, so we went there. Our guests were so looking forward to the creme brulee, but the buffet does not have it at lunchtime anymore--only dinner. The food just wasn't as appealing as it has been previously-- we were kind of embarrassed. We occasionally received coupons from them in the mail when we lived out of state. Now that we live in Las Vegas, we never hear from them. We don't see a great need to take that drive, only to find a mediocre buffet. Such a shame--it used to be spectacular! I found nothing worth bragging about on this visit.

unfair charging practices - stockups (10/25/2015) - 3.5 out of 5 stars
My wife held my 60th Birthday party at the M we rented the side room which was great. But I do not like the idea that they charge you for people that do not show up. It is a dam buffet if we use the main area and i told them to set tables for 30 people and only 25 show up i wouldn't have to paid 40 dollars for the 5 that didn't show up. I think they are money hungry. to charge me a extra 200 dollars for people is unreal

Still the best buffet - iltu66 (06/20/2015) - 5 out of 5 stars
We come to Vegas for 10 years in a row and liked the Wynn`s most - until that abated slightly and at the same time, the M opened. From that time, we liked the M best and always compared with the new high limit buffets that appeared on the scene. We then read the comments to the M with bad evaluations and were afraid that we might have to look for a new favourite buffet, but fortunately we do not need to. The variety may have decreased a little bit (especially at the dessert buffet), but everything they offer is still perfect. So the gap to the 2nd best buffet has become a little bit smaller, but there still is one.

Where's the lox - JP1979 (05/24/2015) - 3 out of 5 stars
I recently used a comp for the seafood buffet, for which, had I been charged, I would have paid $39.99 plus tax. I would have felt cheated. Free, it's ok, but if you pay, go for a regular lunch or dinner buffet and save yourself some $$. There were only a few differences I could discern: lots of split crab legs, mounds of shrimp and a nice display of shucked oysters, plus, possibly a few more fish dishes in the hot food. The biggest omission? Smoked fish--none of any sort (I asked), nor any thing that smacked vaguely of deli fish offerings. No whitefish, no herring, no bagels. Many of us Gentiles love that food, esp w/ a nice glass of champagne. I will say the sparkling wine was several cuts above the usual swill offered at these buffets. Otherwise, the buffet was the same as Wednesday's lunch buffet, which you can get comped by playing yourself to 300 same-day points. A great deal for food that's overall better than most buffets.

seafood - foghorn (02/19/2015) - 2 out of 5 stars
$40 for a seafood BUFFET is a bit much. For that price u can go to a restaurant (Landrys) or for a Buffet how about Main St which is $22 on FRI.

Quality is down - rmoonin (01/10/2015) - 3 out of 5 stars
The M Casino has cut corners in their buffet. They are started serving left over lunch portions for dinner. Prime Rib is third rate and it is apparent that Penn Gaming does not want to spend money on decent quality beef. They eliminated their breakfast buffet which is silly since it brought plenty of customers in to play slots. Salmon is prepared poorly. The buffet needs to improve and get where it was when the Marnells owned the property.

A must - isldgrl (12/25/2014) - 5 out of 5 stars
When traveling to Vegas we ALWAYS plan to dine here. The food is incredible, very authentic in flavors, the staff goes beyond your expectations ensuring your experience is above 5*, by far the best value to be found in Vegas. The variety served will delight even the most finicky eater in your party! Can't wait for my next visit.

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