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When you're in Las Vegas, WHERE do you... [Continued]


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Location: Mirage
Address: 3400 Las Vegas Blvd. S.
City: Las Vegas
Area: Strip
Phone: 702/791-7111
Official Web Site

Children 5-10 receive a discount and children under 5 eat free.

Champagne Brunch is the same price with or without champagne.

Dinner Fri-Sun is $34.99.

All-you-can-drink Bud Light, Goose Island IPA and Liberty Creek wines are included with all meals and Obvi is served at Champagne Brunch.

Money-saving coupon available in the 2014 MRB. Click here for more information.
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Mon-Fri 7 am to 11 am $18.99
Children - $12.99
Sat-Sun - Champagne Brunch 8 am to 3 pm $33.99
Children - $20.99
Mon-Fri - Weekday Brunch 11 am to 3 pm $23.99
Children - $17.99
7 days 3 pm to 10 pm $29.99
Children - $22.99

Overall Rating:
  • Currently 4.5/5

4.5/5 Rating

Comments (6 comments):
Top of the list - patricklucky (09/15/2014) - 4.5 out of 5 stars
The Cravings buffet was one of ten different Vegas buffets we ate at last month; It never disappoints. They had started a new concept that included all the wine and beer we could drink with their excellent buffet. Large,great tasting, crab legs and Prime rib you could pull apart with your fork. Moist turkey meat and excellent coconut crab soup. Very good deserts and gelato.All of the above put this buffet with the best of the best.

Champagne Brunch - xbillybob (12/03/2013) - 5 out of 5 stars
We did the champagne Sat/Sun brunch at Cravings in the Marage and all 3 times it was great. The champagne never stopped flowing in each of our 2 glasses. The number of offerings was incredible. My favorites were the New York roast and the prime rib. Other items which caught us by surprise which were truly great were: Cioppino, bouillabaisse, fish and chips, large peeled shrimp, ceviche, mussels. There were so many items to choose from. We were never disappointed with any of the items we chose. As we got ready to leave the waitress asked if we wanted go cups of champagne, well hell yeah!! Passing the register we were asked if we enjoyed the buffet, well hell yeah!! She then handed us a couple 241 coupons. Nice wait staff and great food. We went back for the mid week brunch and only half of the food stations had offerings. All quite good but by far not as much to choose from as the weekend brunch.

Best in Town - vegasvp (10/05/2013) - 4.5 out of 5 stars
Cravings serves medium-rare prime rib and prepeeled shrimp which are my buffet favorites. Super desserts as well. My favorite buffet in Las Vegas made better with the LVA coupon.

Mixed Review - ColoradoRN (10/01/2013) - 4 out of 5 stars
We were 7 people and arrived at the Cravings Buffet about 1 pm on Sunday after a Dolphin and Secret Garden tour at the same hotel. I wish I had been more attentive (as somebody else paid and I was part of the group) or else I would have ordered the champagne, which I found out the next day would have been complimentary. The woman who took our drink orders stood on the opposite side of the table from where I sat. I motioned for her to come over to me so that I would not have to shout my drink order across the long table (it was noisy in the restaurant). She did come over but did not inform me that the champagne was included, just asked what I'd like to drink. The food itself was of good variety and quality. I think that more attention to detail would be good: for example, in the dessert section "sugar free pastries" was on the signage but did not specifically identify one, or more, particular desserts. About 1/2 of the desserts were not labelled at all. Same with many of the other offerings such as sushi. The food was replenished in a spotty manner, leaving some advertised foods empty (no Fish and Chips, for example) while others were of questionable degree of hotness because who knows how long they had been sitting there and no steam was coming off of the dish.

Buffet rating - rramirez (06/24/2013) - 2.5 out of 5 stars
Stayed at Mirage June 14-17 and ate at Cravings twice. Quality has really gone down. Breakfast pancakes were cold, bacon greasy. We expected grilled steaks for dinner and all we found was meat on a try. It was dry and tough. Prime rib was not much better. Very overpriced. Breakfast at Flamingo was ten time better.

Dinner at the Mirage - iltu66 (06/04/2013) - 4 out of 5 stars
We went for an early dinner at the Mirage, there was no line to wait, just one party before us. Nevertheless, the 2nd cashier at the VIP line was free and called us. We were seated quickly and went to the buffet after no one came to order the drinks. Unfortunately, we had the laziest waitress who managed to spill the orange juice every time she tried to fill, which was only when her manager was around. This man is the Grand prize for the buffett, controls everything, is present and he even took a sample of the soup to check if it wasn't too salty after some time, the only problem with soups at a buffet. The food was good and everything was filled up immediately after it was empty or before.

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