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Las Vegas' Top Ten Values

       When the Las Vegas Advisor debuted in 1983, the Top Ten list appeared prominently on page one. It included deals like 15¢ ice cream at Lady Luck and $9.99 double lobster tails at the El Cortez. Number one on the list was the legendary $2 steak dinner at Binion's Horseshoe. (If you're curious, click here to see the entire first top ten.) The Top Ten was an instant hit, and it became the single-most identifiable feature in the newsletter.

       That's never changed. Over the years, the Las Vegas Advisor's Top Ten has appeared in magazines and newspapers throughout the world, and has come to be recognized as the premier looking glass into the best that Bargain City has to offer.

       How do we pick 'em? First and foremost, we audit each of them personally. The deals that appear month after month we check out continually. But we also rely heavily on feedback. Thousands of readers test and critique each deal on their own terms, then convey their individual experiences to us. So we soon know all of the strengths and weaknesses of the offers. Some wind up being replaced, while others are proven to be even stronger than we first thought.

       It's this cooperative effort that has allowed the Top Ten to withstand the test of time. So let us know what you think. Contact us at with your comments on the deals in the list.

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