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Las Vegas Top Ten Values

Since 1983 the Las Vegas Advisor has provided hundreds of thousands of Las Vegas visitors with a monthly list of the best bargains in town.

March 2015
Room Rates $35 and up
Four Queens et al.
Steak Dinner $7.99
Ellis Island
24 hours
Shrimp Cocktail $1.49
24 hours
Beer $1
Casino Royale
24 hours
Station Buffets $5.99-$14.99
Station Casinos - All locations
Mac King $9.95
$1 Blackjack $1
24 hours
Prime Rib $2.48-$7.48
Lunch Comp $20 buy-in
Crown & Anchor
$200 Rebate Free
About the Top Ten

1. Room Rates - Four Queens et al. - - $35 and up

Low room rates remain #1 in the Top Ten, partially on the strength of good bundled deals that continue to show up. For example, you can currently get a room at Bally's for as low as $59 base that's bundled with two tickets to Jubilee!. After resort fee and tax, the total for the room is $94, but the tickets retail for $100 each. Since Jubilee! tickets are fairly easy to find at 50% off (including in our Member Rewards Book), $100 is a fair value to assign for two. So even if you just want to catch the show, $94 is the lowest you'll pay for a pair … and they come with a free room for the night! Most nights are listed above a $59 base rate, but this is an example of the types of deals that are out there. This offer is available now through our room and show codes at, and be sure to sign up for the LVA Gold online newsletter, which we send out every week for free.

2. Steak Dinner - Ellis Island - 24 hours - $7.99

The Ellis Island steak dinner is served in the Café and requires that you print out two coupons from an EI kiosk, the second after playing at least $1 in any slot machine with your club card inserted, to get the $7.99 price.

3. Shrimp Cocktail - Skyline - 24 hours - $1.49

We stopped in at Skyline for the $1.49 shrimp cocktail (#3) and all continues to be as advertised. This is easily the best shrimp deal in town, and one of the best values overall (which is why it's on the list). It's served 24/7 at the bar, where there're also good video poker schedules (LVA 3/12) and even free popcorn.

4. Beer - Casino Royale - 24 hours - $1

The $1 Michelobs at Casino Royale (#4) are even more valuable after the opening of the White Castle, along with other good developments at the casino that you'll read about in this issue. There's also 75¢ draft, but why bother when you can get a bottle for a buck?

5. Station Buffets - Station Casinos - All locations - Daily - $5.99-$14.99

Station Casinos' buffets are $5.99 for breakfast, $6.99-$7.99 for lunch, and $7.99-$9.99 for dinner and Sunday brunch at Palace, Boulder, Texas, Sunset, and Santa Fe Stations (except $10.99 for dinner and $13.99 on Saturdays at Santa Fe), and $1-$5 more for most meals at Green Valley Ranch and Red Rock; must show a Boarding Pass card.

6. Mac King - Harrah's - Tues.-Sat. - $9.95

Now that the $9.95-ticket offer is back in the MRB, the Mac King Comedy Magic Show is a better value than ever. LVA members don't have to worry about tracking this discount down, but if you're not a member, you can usually find the $9.95 tickets at either the players club booth or the concierge, or ask the box office where they're being distributed.

7. $1 Blackjack - Riviera - 24 hours - $1

Given the news of the Riviera's imminent closing, $1 blackjack with 24/7 availability (#7) might be on the verge of extinction. Binion's is dealing a dollar game with better rules (see GAMBLING), but that's only one day a week. Get some while you can. In another couple months, this one will be gone.

8. Prime Rib - Hooters - Daily - $2.48-$7.48

The discounted prices of the Hooters prime rib special, served 5-11 pm in the Mad Onion, are reached by using available new-member club sign-up bonuses and an ongoing matchplay offer for diners.

9. Lunch Comp - Crown & Anchor - Daily - $20 buy-in

We're going with a deal we know we can trust, the lunch comp at Crown & Anchor. Play $20 through a machine and get a comp for anything on the menu. Hours are 8 am-2:30 pm at the east location (Tropicana/Maryland Pkwy.) and 11 am-3 pm at the west (Spring Mtn./Decatur). If you miss lunch, the offer is extended until 6 pm on the east and 7 pm on the west.

10. $200 Rebate - Tropicana - Daily - Free

With all the starts and stops in gambling-rebate programs, you have to hand it to the longevity of the Tropicana deal (#10). Not only does it continue be offered, but it's also one of the most generous at $200. It's limited to new club members only, but you can always bring in a friend if you've already used yours. Get 50% of losses back in free-play the day after you play, and 50% in free-play 30 days later. You have up to a year to redeem the second installment, but even if you can’t get back, a 50% rebate is still powerful.

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