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Anthony Curtis' Las Vegas Advisor is a monthly consumer newsletter brought to you by one of the world's most trusted and respected authorities on Las Vegas and gambling.

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Anthony Curtis Las Vegas Advisor is a monthly consumer newsletter brought to you by one of the world's most trusted authorities on Las Vegas and gambling.

For over 25 years, Anthony Curtis and his specialist editorial team have been providing hundreds of thousands of visitors with all the information they need to get more out of Vegas than it gets out of them. In each monthly issue you'll find details of the best values in dining, entertainment, gambling, room rates, promotions, casino comps, and more, together with show and restaurant reviews, gambling tips and strategies, entertainment and tournament schedules, and where to find the latest deals and freebies. It's your one-stop shop for planning the perfect Vegas vacation. We invite you to read a previous issue for free and see why over 20,000 Vegas visitors never leave home without us.

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  • Our Member Rewards Book for 2015 is ready to ship. This year’s package includes 132 offers from 63 casinos, including 27 buffet twofers and discounts; 34 shows, attractions, and drinks; more than $450 in expected value from gambling matchplay and bonuses, plus a $50 comp at the Palms. Sign up, get yours, then read about how to use them for profit throughout 2015.
  • Is it a bar? Is it a gourmet room? Or is it a sports book? A new "drinking establishment" combines all of these elements to create one of the coolest hang-outs in town. And best of all, we have a super-strong offer in the MRB to get you acquainted with it.
  • Plus, get the scoop on the state of Las Vegas going into 2015 with our annual "Report Card and Progress Report," a play for free vodka, a New Year’s matchplay deal, two easy buffet comps, a new bargain-priced show with disappearing tigers, a money-saving strategy for dining at the vaunted Raku—even a list of Las Vegas’ 19 top hole-in-the-wall restaurants—all in the January issue.
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