The Frugal Poll

Recently the Las Vegas Advisor ran a poll about the most frugal thing you’ve ever done in Vegas.  The results are in and they are hilarious:

One of the comments mentioned “… and looked into trash cans for discarded coupons. [Ed: Dumpster diving for coupons? Wow, not even Jean Scott does that – LOL. Hardcore!]”

Thank you, Editor, for trying to make me look good, but actually I HAVE done that – much to my daughter’s dismay and embarrassment.  Twenty-five years ago the old Westward Ho wastebaskets always had a treasure trove of free mini-breakfast coupons.  True some you had to scrap off some mustard from half-eaten free hot dogs but back in those days I WAS hardcore frugal – and Brad says I am still “crazy frugal.”  But some of that craziness rubbed off on him –  up until a couple of years ago when his bad back and hip restricted his agility, Brad agreed to scour the dumpsters in our condo complex when a casino was flooding the mails with really valuable coupon books.

Speaking of the “Editor,” I won’t out her name, but this Brit is one of my favorite writers.  I love her humorously quirky – and I mean that in a very positive sense – writing style as she churns out most of the Questions-of-the-Day answers and the “Today’s News” items.

Maybe everyone doesn’t like to know every little bit of what’s happening in Vegas like the news junkie that I am.  But I check the LVA homepage every morning to read those two features.  Even if you aren’t a LVA subscriber, you can always read the news section and you can read the QOD the first 24 hours it is up.  (You have to be a LVA subscriber to check back in the Archives.)

If you want to be reminded about QOD you can sign up for e-mails to give you a link whenever a new one comes up:   At that same link you can subscribe to other LVA notifications you might be interested in.   On the homepage you can also sign up for LVA Gold, a valuable notification of bargain hotel deals and other current Vegas news.

If you haven’t been to the LVA homepage for a while, check it out – so much good information to make your time in Las Vegas more entertaining and less expensive.

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4 Responses to The Frugal Poll

  1. Rob Reid says:

    I concur she, whomever she is, does an excellent job with the QOD. The writing is snappy, her point of view is fun, the research is comprehensive(some of them must take days to research) and she has a gift for selecting interesting and pertinent questions. She keeps me coming back to the LVA page every day also.

  2. Ed says:

    Love the LVA. Check it regularly, especially when we get close to a Vegas trip. Great information all the time.

  3. QZ says:

    I took greyhound.from PA to Vegas round trip

  4. Dan Sowards says:

    I’m fairly certain you spoke about “dumpster diving” in one of your books, so when I read the comment she made to the poll, I thought to myself….she’s wrong! Dan

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