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Cross-marketing has always been a technique used by casinos, but it is really picking up steam these days.  Umbrella companies send offers to customers, not just for their home casinos but for sister – brother? –  properties.  Caesars Entertainment is big on this.  We get invitations to their properties across the country, many we have never visited before.  And this is not happening just within one mother company.   MGM has a partnership with Ameristar properties.  Recently I received an e-mail from the Hard Rock in Vegas (where we used to play), inviting me to take advantage of discounted prices at their “affiliate resort,” the Atlantis in the Bahamas. 

However, this partnership concept is spreading rapidly, not just between casinos but between casinos and other types of businesses, i.e. cruise lines.  One of the first, and still the strongest due to the same ownership, was between Caesars and Norwegian Cruise lines.  A couple who plays heavily at Caesars properties could probably take advantage of a comped or almost-free cruise every other month.   MGM has a partnership with Royal Caribbean.  And Penn National Gaming has struck a marketing deal with Carnival Cruise Lines beginning in April for most of their casinos.  (However, M Casino in Henderson is not yet being included although probably will be at some future date.)

Then there are casino partnerships with other businesses.  MGM is a partner with Hyatt Hotels and Southwest Airlines, to name a couple.  Go to for a complete list.   Caesars and Starwood Hotels have just started reciprocal loyalty programs.  Caesars also has partnered with Hawaiian Airlines and is part of the Fuel Rewards Network.  Go to the Total Rewards Web site for a complete list of TR alliances.

What does all this new partnership action mean to the gambler?  Depends on what your interests are, of course, but if you like to travel, this may add extra value to your casino play.  I encourage comments from any of you who have had personal experience in this area, both the good and the bad of these possibly valuable “extras.”

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6 Responses to Casino Marketing Partnerships

  1. Ron says:

    Ron, I’m in the same spot as you. I have no interest
    in staying on a Cattle boat! I get free rooms and
    some free play and some meals. I can live with that.
    I will not stand in lines! See ya at a Tournament!
    Also Ron.

  2. Theresa says:

    I have cruised six times on NCL through offers from Caesars. They are great deals. Yes, it’s true, my offers have all been for inside cabins, but I always upgrade to a balcony for a nominal (in my opinion) fee. From what I understand in reading the NCL message board on Cruise Critic, the price of the upgrade depends on the popularity of that particular sailing. I am booked on a 7-day Western Carribbean cruise in April in a balcony cabin for under $300. (Travelocity priced it at $1800.) Government taxes and port fees are always your responsibility. Similar cruises have cost me about $600 in the past – still a phenominal deal. I understand (from reading Cruise Critic) that some players have received offers for a suite. Also, all cruise offers received through a Caesars casino include a free drink card to be used in the casino.

    I often do quite well in the casino. As long as I can occasionally win enough to keep playing, I am happy. I have had several wins that required a W2-G form.

    If you have no history with CAS (Casinos at Sea), your best bet would be to ask your casino host if there are any “free” cruise offers. After you have cruised, you can call CAS and ask what your offer might be on a future cruise based on your play on your previous cruise. I am Diamond with Caesars, but I have heard that Platinum players have received offers.

    Caesars Windsor is giving out certificates again on Feb. 16th (invitation only). The last one was on Nov. 17th – so about every three months.

  3. Ron says:

    I’ve been watching the 7* web page and there is a lot
    of not so good feed back about the anything but Free
    Cruises they are offering. I will never know, I’m
    a lowly Platinum!

  4. Brenda Finchum says:

    Are cruise discounts available for diamond status? Who do you contact for pricing?

  5. Dan Sowards says:

    Jean, I guess if you like cruises, those are fine. However, I would NEVER recommend gambling on a cruise unless you are entering into some kind of tournament. The pay schedules are way too tight. Also, unless you are Seven Stars, the rooms you get free are inside cabins, and you still have to pay bukus in fees and taxes. Most of the time these are simply not worth it.

    Yes, once you are a player at Harrah’s/Caesar’s properties, you literally get inundated with offers. I received four mail offers and six emails last week for various (Harrah’s/Caesar’s) properties for all sorts of things – Valentines, Superbowl, Skiiing, etc. BUT, if you have not visited some of these properties in 12-18 months, they can and do cut you off from offers. I ALWAYS received free play/dining offers from Harrah’s New Orleans, but not having been there since March of 2012 they cut off any offers except for free hotel rooms.

    So, it can be a mixed bag.

  6. Mike Yack says:

    My wife and I took advantage of the partnership between Pinnacle Gaming and Wynn a couple of years ago. We had a free 3 night stay at Wynn and free buffets. Great place to stay and the food was very good.

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