Getting Old

Today Brad turned 82 – I hit 75 last month – this has got me ruminating on the subject of aging and gambling.  Brad and I are slowing down some; we definitely can’t put in the long video poker sessions we used to do in the past.  Two hours and I start looking at my watch and we start discussing our quitting time.

However, when we play on any casino’s Senior Day, we actually feel almost like youngsters, even when Brad is using his cane and fiddling with his hearing aid.  There are wheelchair jams in the  aisles and you have to be careful that you don’t bump into the oxygen tanks and walkers all over the place.  But we don’t complain about this; actually this scene is inspirational for us.  People can overcome a lot of medical obstacles if they have a strong desire to do something.  Hopefully, we will be enjoying Senior Days in casinos for many years to come!

This subject reminds me of a comment someone made – perhaps here in a past blog , I don’t remember exactly. It had been reported that some company had an idea for one of the casinos in Laughlin to put in a shop that would sell sex merchandise.  I haven’t heard that this plan ever was put into action, but I will never forget the comment some wag made – most definitely a young person I am sure:  “After visiting Laughlin many times, the sex shop would only be a historical museum for most of the clientele.”


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  1. gary murphy says:

    i have been going to vegas 3 times a year for the last 15 years. now at the young age of 63 i have noticed a change in my play. first of all i can not set at the vp machines for a long period of time,legs, hips, and hands cramp up. this results in shorter sessions of play. i play a lot early in the morning, no more all nighters because i am in bed by 11pm and i don’t play very well tired. i play slower and make fewer mistakes resulting in more winning hands. also i am willing to walk away with a smaller win/loss. this wasn’t the case in my younger days when i was greedy and try to break the casino. also i am drawn to a quieter area to play i can’t handle the noise level in some casinos. yes it’s hell getting old but you just have to adjust.

  2. Rod McElvain says:

    LOL! Great ideas, Kevin! Sorry, we need ours to pay the bills. It’s kind of surprising that you can opt to have it downloaded as slot play. Is that really true?! Fortunately, I have other resources that provides money for my video poker “fix.” And playing mostly overall positive expectation games minimizes the out-of-pocket costs. Thank you, Jean Scott, for all the info to help in that area.

  3. mo says:

    Happy belated to both of you.
    I have been thinking of you both in the warm weather of Nevada, the east is in a deep freeze and it does make us feel older…
    I am glad when I get to LV that I am OLD enough to be considered a SENIOR. We are not seniors here in CT until 60.

  4. Kevin Lewis says:

    Yes, the senior SSI days are spread out now–the time I was a casino cage worker was about thirty years ago, when there was just one disbursement day/month. I don’t get social security checks and never will, since the system will be insolvent well before I’m eligible.
    But hey, I just thought of a way to save the federal government some money! If you have a Nevada zip code, you can opt to get your SSI check downloaded to your favorite casino as slot play! No need to stand in line to cash that check–just insert your player’s card into your favorite machine. And of course, you get a buffet comp with every download. It would eliminate several steps for the senior citizen wanting to blow the monthly check. In fact, why not extend this idea to its logical conclusion? Instead of food stamps, you can get buffet comps! The mind boggles at the opportunities!

  5. Drob says:

    Happy Happy from IOWA, You two are awesome and I love your videos and stories. Thanks for all you do.

  6. skallis says:

    First of all I think you and Brad both look MARVELOUS!
    Next,of course we are all aging, but we are as young as we feel. Whenever I start feeling my age I just don my sports jacket and head for the casino. I like dressing up and it makes me feel good.

    Rod is correct, social security checks arrive on Wednesdays according to your birthday. As far as “senior citizen days” here in the Detroit area, that’s every Tuesday. On Tuesday the bonus cash is available on your players card and all seniors hit the casinos.

    Keep up the great writing!

  7. Rod McElvain says:

    Social Security is no longer paid just on the third of the month. I get mine on the first Wednesday and my wife gets hers on the third Wednesday. I’m pretty sure others get theirs on the second or fourth Wednesdays based on the day of the month they were born. (My birthday is on the third; thus, the first Wednesday and my wife’s birth date is the 20th resulting in hers being paid on the third Wednesday.)

    (I guess maybe this results in four casino “senior days” now instead of one.) 😎

  8. Terry Haile says:

    Happy Birthday Brad from the cold Great Northwest! Wish I was there instead of here today but at least our football team won! Hope your day was a great one and wishing you and Jean many more healthy and happy years!
    Terry Haile
    Post Falls, Id

  9. Ed says:

    Wishing both of you belated birthday wishes. Have a happy and profitable 2014.

  10. Starr Piercy says:

    Happy Birthday, Brother. You’re the best!

  11. Kevin Lewis says:

    Actually, every casino has a Senior Day–the third of the month, when the Social Security checks arrive. I remember that when I worked in the cashier’s cage at a downtown casino, just my shift would produce over 2,000 cashed SSI checks. For the entire day, our penny and nickel slots and VP machines would be jammed. The cocktail waitresses hated working that day because all the seniors would be demanding to get their drinks instantly, and then would leave a fifty-cent tip (or no tip at all). The coffee shop would dish out hundreds of $2.99 breakfast specials (with the attendant fifty-cent tips for the waitresses). And of course, the bingo hall was jammed. This would only last one day–on the fourth of the month, the casino would be empty.
    I remember looking at the SSI deduction on my weekly paycheck and reflecting on how my tax dollars were helping Nevada’s seniors to amuse themselves once a month. Surely there is no better or higher use of that money than to allow Wilma and Ferd to hit the nickel slots! Deficit be damned!

  12. David Butler says:

    Happy Birthday to Brad for me…tell him I miss him and will never forget all those times he took me, taught me how to bet on horses and how to deal with folks in his own quiet way and thank him for his great sense of humor…all more than 40 years ago…When I had no friends around, he was my best friend and to this day I still admire him…Happy Birthday Brad!

  13. Georgi Sears says:

    We have an aunt in Las Vegas who is 93 and her usual routine is going to the casino for lunch around 1:00 or so (her favorite is the Palms) and then playing video poker for the next 2-3 hours or so. We think that’s what’s keeping her going!

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