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Use a Software Bug to Win Video Poker? That’s a Federal Hacking Case –   And you might get away with it!  

But you might not get away with cheating in a casino if you flush counterfeit poker chips down the toilet in your hotel room.

There is danger for all of us in a casino that crooks could get their hands on our gambling bankroll.  Here is a good reason for keeping our players cards secure and using a difficult pin number:,0,7398610.story?track=rss.

I like cheery casino employees, but could they sometimes be too friendly? 

Didn’t think the girlygogarter I talked about in my last entry fit your need for a good way to carry all the stuff you need when you visit a casino?  Go to – you may never again carry a purse, a briefcase, or a fanny pack that makes you look fat and ugly!

I’m in the camp that hates when Las Vegas is called Sin City.  Read this article which says there is no more sin in our fair city than anywhere else.  Amen!

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2 Responses to News You Might Have Missed

  1. Kevin Lewis says:

    If I were an employee in a sandwich shop asked to greet every customer as if he were a Publisher’s Clearing House emissary about to give me a check for $20 million, I’d reply that I’d be willing to split the difference. I’d greet all Democrats effusively, but wouldn’t do so to any customer who was a Republican since he would say that $7.25 an hour is a more than adequate wage for my sorry ass.

  2. Kevin Lewis says:

    Kane was an absolute idiot. He’d still be milking this bug today if he hadn’t been greedy. Why did he expect that five hand pays in an hour wouldn’t attract scrutiny? Hit ONE hand pay, score a few thousand, get paid, LEAVE, and then come back a few days later on a different shift! That aside, he and his lawyer are pitching bull when they say that he discovered this glitch accidentally. It’s easy enough to inadvertently switch games, but that wasn’t all Kane had to do–he had to also play enough hands in the accidentally-switched-to game until a win was realized (which could take several hands), then AT THAT MOMENT, switch back to the original game. Accidental. Riiiiiiight. What obviously happened (and probably happens all the time) is that somebody at IGT programmed this bug into the machine software, with the idea of then selling that information when the machine reached casino floors. Kane was probably handing off a significant portion of his winnings to such a person or persons as a payoff (which might explain his foolish greed and carelessness). Lastly, it’s a good thing for Kane that his case was heard in federal court. In Nevada, winning is ipso facto a felony. (This whole brouhaha is one of several examples that make me laugh hysterically whenever somebody avers that machine manufacturers would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER program non-randomness into a VP machine!!!)

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