June is not a big holiday month but there might be some Father’s Day promotions around the 15th, especially food specials.  And if you didn’t buy your mom some gambling books for Mother’s Day or you did but she doesn’t want to share them with Dad, you might want to consider buying him one of the books in the Frugal Gambler series as a Father’s Day gift. Some are available for eBooks as well as in paperback at http://www.shoplva.com/collections/video-poker/book.

The Players Club Bonus Points list (http://www.lasvegasadvisor.com/greatdeals-slotpromotions.cfm) is back and being updated as quickly as Scot can get the information from the casinos.  With the 1st being on a Sunday – and casinos notoriously often revealing their promotions very last-minute and even late – you might need to check for updates the 2nd and 3rd.  Plus sometimes there are mid-month bonus days added so it pays to consult this list often. On the same note, many casinos do not update their Web sites at the beginning of the month.  That is one of my major gripes!!!!!  



“Play for Prizes” (replacing the old “Play, Earn, and Win”) again has two earning periods. The first is Monday through Friday, June 2-13 and features Kohl’s and Earl of Sandwich gift cards. Second is Monday through Friday, June 16-27, and offers Chevron Gas cards and Terrible Herbst services.   Redemption times are Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m.-10 p.m., and Fridays 10 a.m.-midnight.

Gift days in June are the 1st, 8th, 14th, and 28th. To earn the gift-of-the-day, you need 100 base points on video slots or 500 base points on video poker between 12:01 a.m. and 6:59 p.m.

A new item in the June mailers: slot tournaments being held on Thursday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Grand prize drawings at 7 p.m. See Club Palms for details.

Regular weekly drawings continue on Fridays at 7 p.m.  The mailer again mentions that the everyone-wins feature is active for June – $10 if you activated your entries – even if your name is not called.  2x entries can be earned on Sundays and Tuesdays; 5x entries are given on play Friday and Saturday nights between 8 p.m. and midnight.



The rotating 20% senior discount moves to the Gift Shop every day for the whole month of June. Senior days are on Thursdays, with discounted food offers and other promotions.

Saturdays are gift-card days, with an assortment of gas, grocery, and shopping cards.  The mailer mentions “Best Buy, Albertsons, Wal-Mart, and more!”  1000 base points earns you a $10 gift card, with a max of 4 per day.

Drawings for electronics are held at 8 p.m. each Saturday for table game players.



Get 250,000 free bonus coins for joining the Ellis Island Online Casino.  “Win comps, free play, food and much more.”  (https://play.ellisislandcasino.com/account/login/)



Senior Wednesdays offer many promotions for the 50+ crowd, at all the Stations and now back at the Fiesta Casinos.   Some of these are new this month, including a Spin-and-Win drawing.

A new promotion is Military Mondays for veterans, active duty, Reserves and National Guard armed forces.  When you sign up for this program, you will get a “Military Edition” Boarding Pass and become eligible for exclusive deals on Mondays.

The $1.5 Million World of Winners promotion runs from June 2-29 at all properties.  Swipe-and-Win on Fridays and Saturdays and Spin-and-Win on Sundays.  Check the details at the players club.



From their promotional e-mail:

Throughout June, Club Cortez players winning a jackpot of $200 or more on a slot machine, a $200 or more jackpot on a video poker five-cent or lower denomination machine, a $300 or more jackpot on a video poker ten-cent or high denomination machine or a $200 or more jackpot on live keno will receive a Hawaiian shirt to add to their summer wardrobe. Please see Club Cortez for additional information and to redeem tickets.

El Cortez Hotel & Casino is saying ‘thank you’ to Club Cortez members by offering free White Castle cheeseburgers every Thursday in June. The complimentary burgers can be enjoyed by Club Cortez members from noon to 6 p.m. while they play slots and table games on the casino floor. White Castle is famous for their one-of-a-kind Slyder ®, which offers a delicious hamburger patty with White Castle’s signature steamed onions and cheese.


BOYD PROPERTIES (Sam’s Town, The Orleans, Suncoast, and Gold Coast)

The Gold Coast is continuing their Monday Senior Bonus Days.  (These are in addition to the Young at Heart-50+ Wednesdays that run at all four properties.)

Once again I am confounded by the promotional details for this group.  Here are the June point multipliers, Fridays and Saturdays at all four properties, information taken from their Web site (https://www.bconnectedonline.com/whats-new,517,54343):

  • 15X Points on Penny Reels
  • 11X Points on Penny Slots
  • 7X Points on Video Poker 

          No point max on points earned! Before you play…Visit any kiosk to activate your point multiplier.

So far so good, especially the unlimited points! But then there is the fine print that throws a curve ball to players who do not have a local address:

Participants may earn a bonus point multiplier on Fridays and Saturdays during the Promotion from 3:00am to 11:59pm. The bonus point multiplier is open to all B Connected members at Suncoast and Sam’s Town Las Vegas. Local B Connected participants with their mailing address in the zip code range of 890-891 may qualify for the point multiplier at The Orleans and Gold Coast. Participants must swipe at the kiosk to activate the bonus point multiplier. Management reserves all rights. See B Connected Club for details.

I don’t blame out-of-towners who feel insulted; evidently the management reserves the right to unfriend you. And just when I was trying to figure out why a casino would run this promotion that excludes a large group of customers who want to give them their business, I see a full page in today’s paper advertising, in big print, a dinner buffet special price of $7.77 for Sunday through Thursday. But down at the bottom of the ad, in tiny print, is this notice: Price valid for Locals only with B Connected Card.”


I am known for being a reasonable person. I don’t consider casinos my enemy. They are companies that need to make a profit to stay in business. I want them to succeed so they can continue to be my prime place for entertainment. But I just don’t understand many of their policies that seem so customer-unfriendly. So many promotions have unclear or incomplete rules. There are so many restrictions in the fine print. Many casinos say they “love” us. But then they treat us in a way that wants us to seek a divorce!  

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  1. ken orgera says:

    Thanks for the info. and have a great day.

  2. Gerda Sisson says:

    In response to Skallis , I agree 100% . Flying in to Las Vegas at night and out of the darkness there suddenly is this ocean of Vegas lights , it’s very exciting and beautiful . It’s just so unfortunate that Las Vegas ,just like the airlines , has come up with all of those additional charges , such as the resort fees , that turn many of us off .

  3. Gerda Sisson says:

    Unfortunately I feel much the same as J B McElyea . We always had tons of fun in the “old” Las Vegas . As I said previously , we play mostly closer to home now too . Also we’ve gotten older and don’t enjoy the hassle that flying is today , however , I would not call anyone stupid that still enjoys a trip to Las Vegas . It’s still worth a trip for those that have never been there to see it at least once and it doesn’t have to be all gambling and shows . We used to stay a few days , then rented a car and took side trips to the Grand Canyon , Death Valley , toured Arizona , Utah etc . Then back to Las Vegas for a few more days before returning home . We are fairly decent VP players , winning never gets old , but for most of us it’s just the entertainment we enjoy .

  4. skallis says:

    While everything said about the “New Vegas” is true, there is something that is still magical to me. When you are on the final approach to McCarran and you look out and see the town, especially at night, it’s exciting.
    When you see the fountains at Bellagio, or the Effiel Tower or the volcano at the Mirage…magical.

    Just my take

  5. James Mason says:

    If you are an out of state player and have a Vegas friend with a local address get a a Nevada Seasonal Resident ID from
    the DMV. It is well worth the effort.

  6. J B McElyea says:

    Very true no reason to visit Vegas anymore. In 4 weeks from today it will be 5 years since my last visit. For someone who was there at least 10 times a year for years, what a change. I just do not have the fun or enjoy the time spent there I once did. Flight up so much. Food prices out of this world. Cabs taking advantage. Show Tickets unspeakable. Gaming so tight would rather take my chances close to home. Truly not what it used to be, an so sad.

  7. jack potts says:

    Couldn’t agree with u more Kevin. The people are just STUPID !!Casinos love u Dumb tourists. They hate advantage players .

  8. Gerda Sisson says:

    We live in Georgia , but we are very familiar with Las Vegas . Been there LOTS of times since 1990 . In the beginning we stayed at the Trop ,then at New York, New York after it was built , then we moved off the Strip and stayed mostly at the Orleans , Gold Coast , Palace Station etc. Now we play mostly in Biloxi at the IP and the Golden Nugget . Again we are not “locals” there either , but they are far more generous with freeplay , food and room comps then Las Vegas . The IP is a Boyd property , and Jane , they purge our card scores every month just as Boyd does to yours in Las Vegas . We are Sapphire card holders too and it’s impossible to ever get to Emerald because of the monthly deduction of the card score that was earned 6 month earlier . It’s like running in place and never going anywhere . All Boyd owned properties use this system and it applies to locals and non locals alike . It is what it is ! At least casinos disclose information to players today such as card scores , $$$ earned for food etc . In the “olden days” one had to go to the player’s club and check if ones play was good enough for a food voucher .

  9. Kevin Lewis says:

    There is no reason to visit Vegas. None. Also, let’s not forget, it’s 100 degrees there now and it will be twenty degrees hotter than that next month, punctuated by the occasional thunderstorm and flash flood. People will be paying $28/night “resort fees” to stay there, in addition to the base rate of $129/night. Don’t forget to visit the 95-degree-water swimming pools! Oh, and yes–have fun fighting the locals for a seat at one of those last thirty or so fullpay VP machines. Bring plenty of water, cause it’s $2.50 a bottle on the Strip.

  10. djatc says:

    Locals screwed on the strip regarding mailers and room offers so it balances out. I’m a tourist on the strip, and a local off strip.

  11. Theresa L. says:

    I totally agree with Gerda’s comments.

  12. jack potts says:

    Gerda If u have to depend on Casinos for your specials for tourists i wouldn’t hold my breath. Next time u come here don’t stay at the Strip . It’s just a huge rip off from overpriced clubs to tight VP and blackjack.. i would stay away fr the overpriced restaurants. The only time i would venture to the Strip is for a show. We do have Smith Center in downtown LV with great shows..

  13. Robert Dena says:

    I agree with Gerda 100%!! I too was in Vegas the week after 9/11. It was a ghost town. I stay at Boyd almost exclusively because my wife and I are Saphirre card holders and ou rooms are normally comped, however that being said, I am VERY insulted with regards to Boyd catering predominantly to locals. With room rates so
    low in Vegas, it doesn’t pay to stay somewhere you are not appreciated. As an example, we were invited to a Kentucky Derby party at Sam’s Town where there was a contest for the best mint julep recipe as well as a best hat contest. When they judged the mint julep, there was a blind taste test by two judges, however when they judged the best hat, they had the invitees determine the winner. My wife spent considerble time making her hat and in my opinion it was far superior to the competition, but we knew at once we had no chance to win because there were tables that had several locals sitting together and they cast votes for their friends. I would have done the same in their shoes, but it was far from “fair”. If Boyd wants to cater to locals, then fine, I am sure I can find a multitude of casinos that would welcome my business.

  14. Wendy says:

    Yes, I am insulted too. Stations was the worst. We would spend money on gas to visit and see lines of locals receiving their free gift as we were feeding machines $$$. When we inquired about the gift, we were refused as we did not have the magic post card. Why is our money being fed into machines less valuable than local $$$….(didn’t see very many people in line for the free gift actually playing machines, they took the gift and left).

  15. Gerda Sisson says:

    Buffet prices , show ticket prices , multiplier days etc for “Locals Only” in Las Vegas have bothered me for a long time . I don’t know how the casinos in Las Vegas have ever come up with that as it is the tourist that keeps the town in business , not the locals . We happened to have a trip scheduled to fly out to Las Vegas just a couple of weeks right after 9/11 happened . Planes were empty and so were the casinos . The strip looked like an empty bowling alley . It was downright eery . Where were all the locals then ? Las Vegas wouldn’t even be on the map if it wasn’t for the tourists . Whatever “specials” casinos offer certainly should apply to EVERYBODY , locals and tourists alike . Locals will always have the advantage on drawings for cars and things where one has to accumulate tickets for weeks or an entire month . Most of us only stay a week or less , but it would be nice if casinos would treat us to all the specials that the locals enjoy , especially since Las Vegas is not the inexpensive vacation destination that it once was . Yes Jean , out-of-towners do feel insulted .

  16. Jane says:

    I don’t know the motivation for Boyd limiting bonus multipliers and cheap buffets to ‘just’ locals. But as a Boyd local, I would like to think it makes up for penalizing locals every 30 days by chopping off the tier credits earned by locals that are older than six months.

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