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I haven’t checked it out personally, but I am hearing from some players that they are earning a lot of MGM comps playing Mlife’s game on Facebook – You will have to check it out for yourself to see if it is worth your time. I heard one report that the offers aren’t the same for everyone – out-of-towners seem to score more than Vegas locals. You can get more information on this myVEGAS game on the Mark’s Las Vegas Web site for so much valuable casino information:

At this same Web site you can find the updated list for the free/discounted shows offered by Las Vegas Caesar properties. This June list includes some new offerings, including a pass for the new High Roller. Diamonds and Seven Stars get two free tickets per month; Platinums get a two-for-one discount –


Speaking of the High Roller, Brad and I did do this ride – but only because it came complimentary with a VIP party we attended. I hate to talk negative about anything so hyped – but we have never been more bored by an “attraction.” Brad thought the Ferris wheel he rode at the fair in Connersville, Indiana, was more exciting. Of course, he was only 10 then – we are probably a bit jaded now. Our pod had only about 25 riders, not near the max capacity of 40, but it felt crowded and cramped, with only a couple of benches for those that wanted/needed to sit down for at least part of the 30-minute ride. The view was underwhelming, especially looking west – mostly rooftops. And the acoustics are terrible; just people talking in normal conversational voices was deafening.

We were able to do a handicap test; Brad was using his walker since it was a long way to get to the boarding area. The wheel moves slowly enough that a person (or an employee helping) can easily lift the walker over the small gap between the boarding platform and the pod so the wheels don’t get caught. (If needed, they can stop the wheel long enough to push a wheelchair into the pod.)

We did it in the daytime; perhaps dusk would be a better time? Many of the people in our pod had just come from a cocktail party and were having a great time – maybe if we hadn’t been so sober we would have enjoyed it more.


And, yes, there IS going to be a trip report about our recent Seven Star visit to San Diego and Caesar’s newly-named Harrah’s Resort Southern California (formerly called Rincon). For some reason when I’m gone out of town for 5 days, no one comes into my house and keeps up on all my paperwork. Therefore, I come back to full In Boxes demanding my attention. But here are some photos from the non-gambling part of that trip.  A report will follow as soon as I can get caught up.

Bottom of the aerial tramway in Palms Springs – Steve, Angela the Frugal Princess, Jean, Brad

4 of Us - CA - Edit


San Diego Zoo  Safari Park

Riding the tram is easier than walking!


Hanging with the Bats

Bats - upside down


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7 Responses to Frugal “This and That” Information

  1. Clare says:

    We rode the High Roller a couple of weeks ago. We boarded right as the sun was setting. There were no lines and we had the pod to ourselves! We used the $5 discount offered to those staying at the Quad. The view at the top as the sun was setting was breath taking! The Bellagio fountains were going while on the way down. It was completely dark by the time the ride ended, and there was a line to get in when we got off. We will do it again, but I agree the price will need to come down before those pods fill up.

  2. Tabbycat says:

    How was the new Tiger River?

  3. Kathy S says:

    Hi Jean! How did you like the Palm Springs tram? I went there with two girlfriends. When we arrived, I chickened out. That mountain was HUGE and I am somewhat afraid of heights. They strongly encouraged me to give it a try. I did it! And now I consider that event – conquering a fear-one of my life’s top 10 highlights. I hope you enjoyed it as well.

  4. M.LaBranche says:

    Jean I will check out your link for my Vegas.

    I will certainly say as a yearly visitor that even a sign in once a week for 6 or 12 months that it is worth the free stuff.

    We used a B1G1F buffet at the Mirage that allowed us to go twice while in Vegas last December. (We used our LVA coupon the second time).There is a limitation/ per month but as you always advise us “Coupons can be valuable”.

  5. Sharon Clark says:

    Please give the Wheel a spin after dark. We renewed our vows (40 Years) on our recent trip, and said our “I Do’s” at the 700 Ft. mark with the stars above us and the lights of Vegas below us. BEAUTIFUL !!

  6. Jerry McEwen says:

    Jean, you should try the High Roller at night before you give up on it.

  7. Theresa Clift says:

    We too did the High Roller during our Memorial week trip and paid full price for a day ride. I believe it is overpriced and will see discounts in the future. I suffer a bit of high anxiety so I was very impressed with the view and was happy that I couldn’t feel the movement (slow and steady). We were lucky that we only had one other couple in the 40 person pod with the dear hubby and myself which makes me wonder if it is lack of interest or if its because its too expensive.

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