Interesting Reads

An example of an advantage play:,0,4289753,full.story.

And then how the casino took counter-measures:,0,1618845.story


Two sad stories about very sad lottery winners:  (This is a long article, requiring clicking ahead to see all the segments.)

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2 Responses to Interesting Reads

  1. skallis says:

    About the article on “Lottery Winners”.
    I have known of two neighbors in the past 10 plus years that have “hit” the lottery. The first bought a new car, new landscaping, furniture and into a lumber business. They are still married and happy. The second bought a red Corvette, a red truck and a new house. They also paid off their old house and rent it successfully. They also are still married and happy.
    Money can be managed but doesn’t fix stupid.

  2. Kevin Lewis says:

    A few questions come to mind re the Sands story: 1. Did the residents of Bethlehem realize that the opening of the Sands would result in their town being turned into another Shanghai? When the casino was touted as some kind of huge economic blessing, did that include thousands of poor Asians flooding the town and sleeping in parks? 2. Did whoever wrote the article know, or care, that doing so would result in the promotion being swiftly crushed like a grape? 3. What does it say about the state of our supposedly recovering economy when thousands of people are willing to ride a bus for eight hours for a net profit of $20?

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