News Flash of Importance

At least to me.   It’s my blog and I can get personal if I want to!!!  🙂

White Castle is coming to the Las Vegas Strip!   See details here

And while I am talking about personal likes – I like reading about quirky promotions – here is one that was interesting – to me – to read about.



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6 Responses to News Flash of Importance

  1. Mike says:

    Great. Another reason we will see people barfing on the Strip. Tried White Castle’s 20 years ago and found them inedible. Dog wouldn’t even eat them.

  2. Jessica says:

    I like your attitude, woman! I feel the same about QoD 😉

  3. Stuart Weissman says:

    I live on the east coast and had frequented White Castle a lot in my younger days. I advise you not to eat more than one or two of their belly bombers at a sitting. Though relatively delicious, White Castle sliders are a well known diuretic. As one ages, the efficacy of their steam grilled burgers seem to grow. Just providing you and your readers a fare warning. I expect the Castle to do very well at the Royale, but In-N-Out need not fear much.

  4. Jean T Mothena says:

    I’ve only eaten in a White Castle once, about twenty years ago on a business trip, but I always have the frozen White Castle cheeseburgers in my freezer. They’re my husband’s favorite snack (and I like them, too!). It’ll be really nice to visit the restaurant and eat some fresh off the grill during a future Vegas visit!

  5. skallis says:

    One of life’s pleasures…a sack of sliders with onion chips. In my younger days it was mandatory after a night of merriment. Now it’s just great dining, once in a while.

  6. Jerry McEwen says:

    Jean, good that somebody besides my wife likes White Castle. For me, I’m just happy that Dennys is coming back. Love to eat an early breakfast there.

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