Reads I Found Interesting

Links to Media Coverage of Casino Abuse of Patrons – a very interesting list of incidents where casino visitors decide to tackle the casinos in court – and often win!

In this Las Vegas Review Journal article, the Nevada Gaming Control Board names six people they are looking for who decided to “win” by using illegal methods in a casino.  Interestingly, they come from both sides of the table, employees and customers.


Finally a partnership that targets my generation, not the young nightclub crowd:

Foxwoods Resort Casino is today announcing its partnership with (GPCM), the Trusted Resource for Grandparents™, and premier online destination for the growing and economically powerful age 50-plus demographic.  As part of the partnership, all premium members of’s membership organization, the American Grandparents Association (AGA), who join the Foxwoods Rewards Program, will receive a promotional gaming offer valued at $25.

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3 Responses to Reads I Found Interesting

  1. Dave Liming says:

    Good combination. We did Cinci Horseshoe two weeks ago and then over to Indianapolis for a Nascar race. They treated us like kings at the Horseshoe. Had two different hosts come up to me and give us meal vouchers, first for $80, second for another $150. The second knew we already had the $80 and that it was just the two of us.

  2. No definite plans at the moment. Might combine it with a trip to Cincinnati Horseshoe.

  3. William Day says:

    When are you going to come back to indianapolis?

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