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It’s news like this that doesn’t make Caesar Entertainment customers feel secure.  However, as a 30-year veteran of the “casino war,” I don’t spend much time worrying about what might happen in the future.  Change is the only casino thing on which one can depend!


And just as we have built up again our reserve of tokens, the Palms has decided to close the car wash at the end of August.  Brad probably will be getting his baby, the Breeze, washed every few days now.  But better still we will give them away and tell people to use them fast.  That place breaks down so often that I can’t see it lasting until the end of the month!


Don’t know if there are any big time drug-lord money launderers reading this blog but just on the outside chance there are, here is an article they should read: Business World. However, might be of interest to any gambler who thinks they can easily hide assets in overseas banks!


The fastest-growing type of music in the nation is EDM, Electronic Dance Music.  All I can say about it – dancing without a partner to ear-shattering “music” makes me feel really old and out of it!

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3 Responses to Breaking News

  1. M.LaBranche says:

    I believe that the LVA for August stated that Tourism is UP. I can honestly say as a Tourist, it is almost cheaper to fly for a week vacation, have a great vacation, eat and stay in a town that has so many things to see and get in some gaming.(Compared to our deals out east)
    If the casinos really felt that turning people off would do anything to their business, they would change.
    Realistically I don’t see that happening. Vacations still happen!!!

  2. Dan Sowards says:

    Jean, as a Caesar’s/Harrah’s diamond player all these years, I am keenly interested in what’s going on. However, it is so confusing to me that all I can do is sit by and see what eventually happens. Whatever happens, they would be very foolish to do anything that forces their better players to leave and do their playing with a different group of casinos.

  3. Kevin Lewis says:

    When the Palms started charging a $20 resort fee, they were one of the first hotels in Vegas to do so (remember when CET proudly trumpeted that unlike all those OTHER places, they didn’t charge any of them stinkin’ awful resort fees?). I remember checking in on a COMP and being told I would be charged $60 anyway because the resort fee wasn’t comped. I turned around and left. While I was waiting to check in at the Gold Coast across the street, I noticed that I still had the check-in form from the Palms. It justified its resort fee by listing all the “amenities” supposedly paid for by that fee, including free parking and, I think, toilet paper in every room. The last item listed was the car wash!!! Now, we all know that people come flocking to Vegas from all corners of the globe just to experience its car washes. If a visitor doesn’t have a car, he can still grab a handful of quarters, strip to his shorts, and experience the car wash personally. So Palms guests, with or without cars, were definitely getting a value-added experience by the presence of the Palms car wash. THEREFORE, when the car wash closes at the end of the month, I expect a substantial reduction in the Palms’ resort fee.

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