Question of the Day - 29 April 2017


Questions. We get lots and lots of questions.


[Editor’s Note: Here at QoD HQ, we field any number of questions that can be answered in a few lines. Sometimes we answer them directly, emailing a response to the submitter; other times, they fall by the wayside, since they don’t seem to necessitate a big enough reply. We’ve received several lately, so we figured we’d share them with everyone in one aggregate Question of the Day. Here they are.]

Any chance that QoD will ever be in book form?

We’ve toyed with the idea over the years, but there were too many issues around timing and sizing. Instead, we created the big FAQ section on the website, in which we took upwards of 300 of the most frequent and timeless questions about Las Vegas, submitted to and answered in QoD, and popped them up for everyone to see. They’re not in book form, but they are free.

For the question on April 03, 2017, “Are all hotels in Las Vegas going non-smoking?” does that include the casino floor?

No. Just the hotel rooms.

I go to buffets by myself. Pathetic, I know, but my question is which, if any, buffets will give a solitary diner 50% off his lonely eating experience on the presentation of a two-for-one coupon. Or in general, how common or uncommon is it for buffets to do this?

In our experience, it’s fairly uncommon. Casinos want bodies through the doors and 2-for-1s get two bodies, whereas 50% off for single diners, perforce, get only one. We hear this plaint often and we try our best to secure 50% for single travelers. We’ve had some success — for example, all of our buffet coupons for Station and Boyd casinos and the Rampart are 2-for-1s or 50% off, plus we have 50% off coupons for non-buffet meals at Emerald Island, Ellis Island, and Silver Sevens, and a $60 for $30 in the Charcoal Room at Palace Station. But we're an exception to the rule; in general, it’s usually 2-for-1.

So sorry to hear of the passing of Don Rickles. At the time of his death, did he have dates scheduled in Vegas? If so, how do venues handle those who have already purchased tickets when an entertainer passes? I am sorry to say, I never had the opportunity to see Rickles in person. Always take the chance to see these classic entertainers when you can!

Good advice for life as well as shows. As far as we know, Don Rickles didn’t have any Vegas dates scheduled; he’d been ill for a while with kidney problems; he’d also had a leg infection a few years ago that affected his ability to walk. As for cancelled shows, hotels and venues almost always refund the ticket money, including the service charges, no matter what the reason a show is called off.

Re the poll. There’s no tally of the number of votes so far, like there used to be on the old site. Do you plan on adding this information back in? I thought it was interesting to see how fast/slow poll were going as the timeframe commenced. 

Yes, we plan on adding the tally back in. It’s on our to-do list, though admitedly, it's not one of the top priorities. Thanks for asking.

Will the Westgate showroom be opened for viewing football this season and was any reason given for the closing last season?

This was a great place to watch the games: 1,500 seats, no smoking, huge screens, cheap food and drink, hard to beat all around. Atmosphere is hard to beat. We won't know until the new season approaches, but our guess is it's unlikely they'll reopen the room. They closed it for a reason, though what it was we don't know, and short of a big change of heart, the Westgate theater will no longer show sports. 


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