Still not sure 12 issues of the LVA, 130-plus coupons, online deals, Theater Extras membership, and publisher discounts are enough? Would you like to see what the monthly newsletter looks like? This is an actual back issue of the Advisor
In it, you can read Anthony Curtis' first-person column Couponomy, plus the month's News and more Top Ten info than appears on the website.
Dining reviews and updates include Local Corner, where the Las Vegans hang out. Show reviews and notes keep you informed about the fast-changing entertainment scene. And take a look at the Gambling pages to find out what the casinos don't want you to know. 
Also check out all the information in the Advance Planner, Fast Track, and Last Second Flash.
(Best of all, a lot of what you'll read in this recent issue is still current. But don't tell our business manager that we told you so.)