Theater Extras Membership


With your Diamond or Platinum membership to LVA comes a complimentary membership (a $99 value) to the "papering" club, Theater Extras. 


What is "papering?" It's a prominent strategy in the entertainment business.


When performances and sporting events are undersold, companies like Theater Extras fill the vacant seats. It’s called “papering the house.”


Theater-goers and sports fans join clubs that put them on the list to see the shows and events for free. See two or three in a year and the club's membership fee is easily recouped.

A few papering companies already operate in Las Vegas, but we don’t discuss them much, because the fee usually can’t be justified for anyone who isn’t a local. But what if there were no fee? Then it would be a good deal for everyone.


In 2016, we were approached by a company out of New York called Theater Extras that was contemplating a move into Las Vegas. Any new papering company needs customers before it can sign up shows and it needs shows to sign up customers.

That’s where LVA members come in. By adding a Theater Extras membership to the LVA benefits, TE gets an instant customer base, while LVA gets another great perk that our members can use when it works for them.

Two things you should know.


First, it’s not absolutely free. If you go to a show, you pay a $4.50-per-ticket box-office charge, standard with these programs.

Second, at this time, there are no shows on the Las Vegas roster. We expect that to change quickly, but here’s a bonus. TE is well-established in New York City and Los Angeles and as a member, you'll also get access to the deals in those cities. The offers change all the time, but we’ve seen tickets for Brooklyn Nets basketball and NY Islanders hockey on the list, along with a long list of Broadway-style productions.

And when you become an LVA member, you'll also receive a free Theater Extras membership worth $99. So as soon as Vegas shows are included, you'll be eligible to see them for $4.50, no other strings attached.


All the sign-up details are included in the Welcome letter that will be emailed to you when you become a member of the Las Vegas Advisor.


You can check out the Theater Extras website to see the show in New York City and Los Angeles here




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  • batdorf@jmbmusic.com Apr-23-2017
    Just saw this! 
    When did this start?  If I received an email, I totally missed it. The Theatre Extra's Website says Las Vegas, but it is live yet?  Very curious to see what types of shows/events they are offering.