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Welcome to our brand-spanking-new website. 


It took the better part of five years to redesign, upgrade, refine, beta-test, and launch this bad boy. But we persevered -- in order to improve your every move here and make the thousands of pages of information we've compiled online over the past 20 years more easy to access, more intuitive to locate, and more fun to read.


Today's News hasn't skipped a beat; there you'll find the current happenings and a complete history going back to August 2006 in the archive.


Everyone, LVA members and non-members alike, can now access the entire Question of the Day archive -- more than 4,500 pages of every question you can possibly imagine about Las Vegas answered. 


And be sure to check out the hundreds of FAQ; we guarantee you'll find a ton of fascinating commentary, description, summaries, fine points, and esoterica about this one-of-a-kind city.


The listings include 106 hotels and casinos; (an astounding) 762 restaurants; 102 shows, 358 bars and lounges, nightclubs, comedy clubs, and live-music venues; 176 things to do, and every one-off entertainment event and convention on the calendar for the next three months.


From the home page (accessible from anywhere on the site by clicking on the Las Vegas Advisor banner at the top), you can link to Las Vegas' Top Ten Values, the reader-poll archive (with more than 250 polls), more than a dozen webcams, Jean Scott's and David McKee's blogs, the LVA casino, Gambling with An Edge, Vegas with an Edge and its trip reports, and every deal we offer.


Deals! Oy, do we have deals! You can access the promos and discounts in six travel categories in the Deals drop-down. And you can take advantage of every one by being a Gold member of this website.


If you're not a Diamond or Platinum member of LVA and have never seen the Las Vegas Advisor newsletter, read a sample issue here.


For the first time, the comment function is enabled for every page on the site. Anyone can read the comments, but you must be a Gold member and logged in to comment. The comments post immediately without any approval process, though we reserve the right to delete them if we find them objectionable.


Best of all, it's all searchable and in a number of ways. Search functions are available for the Question of the Day and Today's News archives. There's also a global function that searches the entire site. And advanced searches allow you to filter each category within a variety of parameters that narrow your searches to exactly what you're looking for.  


Be sure to click the More buttons at the bottom of all the category landing pages -- some categories have multiple pages of listings.


Finally, check back to this space in the coming days and weeks to get introduced to all the upcoming cool and useful features we have planned for our new and improved online presence.


We sincerely hope you like the new LasVegasAdvisor.com.





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  • Steven Weingart Mar-21-2017
    Feedback on new web site
    1. Password reset was painfully slow but now everything is pretty snappy-- good!
    2. I see lots of new info (thanks!), but it's not readily apparent how to find all the old categories. I'm sure that will sort itself out.
    3. Overall appearance-- not great. The wide color banners consume needless screen real estate. The ad at the top of the home page is much too large (again, wasting screen real estate). The large fonts give everything a clunky look. One example: On the Today's News page, the search box is too large and is set inside a needlessly large gray box. I can cite many similar clunky graphical elements.
    The overall appearance is that of a web site from the 90's-- this looks like web sites looked about 20 years ago. I hope you'll be able to make another pass over the web site to get a more contemporary appearance. (FYI, in case this matters, I'm looking at the web site on a Windows desktop computer, with a large-screen monitor, using Firefox.)

  • Mar-21-2017
    Does not display properly
    "Las Vegas Now" and "Popular Features" do not fully display - the bottom of the text is cut off.
    I am using FireFox

  • James Doran Mar-21-2017
    Password Reset worked well.
    Regarding the password reset...  Mine went quickly and smoothly.  Using Chrome.

  • Steven Weingart Mar-21-2017
    Problems with mobile devices
    Earlier today I posted some feedback based on my experience accessing the new web site from my desktop computer. I've now used my phone and tablet (Android, v6.x, Chrome browser) to access the site and much of the content is not reachable.
    I do not see any of the right-most column (the ongoing news blog) and I cannot find a way to get to that information from my phone or tablet. Likewise, everything I see on my desktop PC from "Popular Features" and lower is not there on the mobile devices. This includes all the links to "Popular Content" (QOD, Buffets, Top 10 Values, etc), Stay in Touch, Company, the weather widget-- none of this appears on either mobile device. Both devices are fully up to date in terms of security patches and app updates.
    What's up?

  • deke @ lva Mar-21-2017
    working on it
    Steve -- Thank you for the feedback. It's not, by any means, going unnoticed. In fact, we're trying to address the mobile and tablet issues as I write. We knew there'd be bugs and glitches and we can do is ask for your forebearance while we iron out the wrinkles. And we'd certainly like to hear if you see some progress being made on your issues. 

  • Raymond Morse Mar-21-2017
    Member Forums
    I cant find a link to the member forums

  • deke @ lva Mar-21-2017
    Raymond -- For now, the forums are open to everyone, not just members. We'll probably revisit that in the near future, when we improve the functionality. To find them, go to the home page, hover your mouse over Member Benefits on the top navigation bar, and you'll see Forums as the bottom choice in the drop-down menu. 

  • Bryan Hays Mar-21-2017
    New site
    So far, like it!

  • Steven Weingart Mar-21-2017
    Progress on mobile devices
    I'm now seeing the news feed on my mobile devices, which is great. Thanks, LVA, for the quick work on that. I'm still not seeing on the mobile devices the other items I mentioned in my previous post, but I realize that not all problems can be solved at once. It's clear this is being worked on, which is good to see.

  • Allyn Zerby Mar-21-2017
    What goes in this field???
    5 years and you get this? What happened to Bonus Point days? Can't view the newsletter on an iPad. Not a good start; sorry.

  • Bobby White Mar-22-2017
     I am terrible on computers & must learn by Repeating over & Over so I super hate this change, my favorite part was your Message Boards, simple to use, now I can't even find it. Do you have a video of how to use this? I hate you new system , if You can't teach me  You will lose a big fan of yours after 10 plus years. If it is not broke don't fix. Who is the genius who did this??  Very bad idea..   Bobby

  • deke @ lva Mar-22-2017
    message boards
    Bobby -- Sorry for your trouble and we're definitely here to help. First, the new forums are accessible from the home page of this site: Hover your mouse over Member Benefits in the upper left of the top navigation bar and you'll see Forums at the bottom of the drop-down menu. Once there, all you have to do is click on the purple links to get to where you want to go. The boards are a bit primitive at the moment, but once all the dust settles, we'll be upgrading them in a number of ways. Thanks for your patience and if you have any other problems, you can email me direct at editor@huntingtonpress.com

  • Vickar Mar-23-2017
    I'm an old fogie who doesn't like change because that means that I have to learn to navigate a whole new website all over again which is time consuming and at my age time is not a commodity. However, in this case, you guys have made the new LVA website user friendly especially for an old guy like me.  (and many others, I'm sure)  Thanks 

  • deke @ lva Mar-23-2017
    You're welcome!
    Viktor -- And thank YOU. We believe you represent the majority of our users. Once you found your way around, it's not so daunting, even for an old guy, as you call yourself. It's the age-old question: Who's programming whom? We love hearing that you find the new site user-friendly; to us, it means that even with all the newness, it is, to a certain extent, intuitive. We're sure that the dust will settle soon and everyone will enter the same groove you're in. Again, thanks for the positive feedback. 

  • Vickar Mar-28-2017
    Strip Parking
    MGM Resorts offers free parking (Pearl Status) when you apply for and are approved for an M-Life Mastercard.  Does CET have any similar promos?  

  • Christian Nelson Mar-28-2017
    Embrace the Criticisms
    Clicking on site map on the home page leads you nowhere. As a long time LVAer I have to mention that the site seems relatively unattractive. Ads are to large, content too small or relegated to marginalized areas of the web page. Way too much purple. It has more the feel of Expedia(bad) and not something that would maintain my attention. The previous website was pleasant on the eyes and felt welcoming, not so much with the new website. I do appreciate the efforts to stay relevant in the market and have been a very happy customer in the past. Please take into consideration the comments that have been posted by others. I believe it represents to great majority even if you haven't been deluged with a ton of comments. Thank you for your continued efforts to support our afflictions.  :)

  • deke @ lva Mar-29-2017
    Christian -- Thanks for your comments. We know about the site map; it's a little low on the priority list at the moment, but now that someone has mentioned it, we'll move it up. And the fact is, we have been inundated with comments, it's just that the site is so big (almost 2,000 pages at last count) that they're spread out, and that doesn't include all the direct email we've received since we launched the new site. 
    And not to put too fine a point on it, but we've been doing nothing but embracing the criticism (and taking our fair share of abuse at the same time) since the new site went live. We've made many many fixes and changes and improvements based on feedback from the "big jury," loyal readers like you.
    Design, colors, even advertising (the ads are a big work in progress, believe me) -- these are generally a matter of personal taste and we can't please all the people all the time. It's also a distinct possibility that readers were habituated to the old site, so they didn't

  • deke @ lva Mar-29-2017
    embracing 2
    Ran out of characters ...
    didn't notice them, whereas this site is new so they do. As soon as they become familiar with the new site, most won't notice it anymore either. And if they do and still don't like it, well, they can always vote with their feet. 
    We've worked on this site for years, so it's easy for us to take the long view in the midst of the surprise and all the "site sucks" feedback. And when it's been up for years and everyone is accustomed to it and has long forgotten when it was new, I'm sure we'll still be working on improving it. At least with this site, we'll be able to do that. With the old site, we couldn't; it was too old. 
    Thanks to you, and everyone, for the feedback and your patience on this shakedown cruise while we iron out the bugs.

  • Tracypcaustin@yahoo.com Apr-16-2017
    New site problems 
    Why do I keep getting pop up ads when I open the site?  Sometimes it's a Time Warner survey.  Really annoying.  I'm not sold on this new site.